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Q&A room spray

Can I cover unpleasant smells with the room spray?

No! With the help of the reimarom ® With room sprays, we don't cover up the bad smells, we remove the stink molecules and then distribute the pleasant smell of the fragrance molecules. The use of room spray does not save you and you from the daily airing of the rooms. Many of our reimarom ® aerosols contain an odor absorber that works effectively in the right place.

Like the name CLEAN AIR already says, this fragrance contains the most absorbers and also smells pleasantly fresh and maritime. The contained splash of mint, in the heart note, gives the room an unobtrusive, but positively perceptible freshness.

Do the reimarom ® room sprays contain essential oils?

Yes! Some of our room sprays contain essential oils. In the category WELLNESS there are various reimarom ® Room sprays containing essential oils. These fragrances are particularly suitable for physiotherapy and medical practices, beauty salons and many other areas.

Ingredients such as lavender, mint, bergamot, litsea cubeba and much more soothe the soul and let you forget everyday stress and anger for a moment.

The cans are a bit more expensive. How long does a room spray last?

With an average setting of the REIMA ® aerosol fragrance dispenser , we promise a service life of the room spray of approx. 12 weeks.

Do room fragrances really promote sales?

Yes! Let's take gas stations as an example. The core business is clearly the refueling of the vehicle. But what if you walk into the gas station and suddenly it smells like coffee or baked goods? Immediately, our brain associates something tasty and appetizing. It has been proven that sales can be increased by up to 15% through the use of room fragrance.

In clothing stores and boutiques, it is also possible to achieve a noticeable increase in sales through room fragrance. If customers stay longer, it is possible to advise customers longer and better. Customers feel more comfortable and stay in the store longer.

Are room sprays harmless to health?

Yes! We pay particular attention to the fact that our ingredients are harmless to health. Feel free to ask for more information.

Do you have any further questions about our room spray? Then just ask us in the comments or send us an e-mail.


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