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Refreshing mouth-nose masks

The reimarom® mask spray is suitable for the simple and effective refreshment of mouth and nose masks. The essential oils it contains improve mood and well-being.

reimair® NewCar car odor killer

The odor killers reliably remove all causes of unpleasant nicotine, tobacco, animal and other odors with the highly effective absorbers. More

Neutralize bad smells in the apartment, basement or in the car

Neutralize musty odors in the apartment and in the basement quickly and safely - with professional odor absorbers. More

Q&A room spray

Questions and answers about room spray. Effects, sales promotion, allergies, essential oils and even more interesting information can be found HERE. More

Collect scent points - that's how it works

Collect fragrant loyalty points and save money on your next order. You can find out how it works and what you can get points for here. More

Room fragrances for the bathroom and toilet

The perfect scents and fragrance devices for the bathroom and toilet. More
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