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Neutralize bad smells in the apartment, basement or in the car

Unpleasant smells in living rooms, basements or vehicles can quickly become a challenge for body and mind. If household items such as vinegar and coffee or forced ventilation are no longer sufficient and the causes of the odor cannot be eliminated without great effort, this is usually the only thing that can help Professional products with special odor absorbers . But what is important when choosing the right one Room fragrances against bad smells at?

How does an odor absorber work to neutralize bad odors in the air and in textiles?

  1. A stink molecule (SM) is present in the air and spreads foul smells.
  2. Our fragrance products including absorbers are sprayed or applied. The room now contains scent molecules (DM) and absorber molecules (AM), as well as the smell-causing stink molecule.
  3. One absorber molecule now meets one stink molecule. The two connect with each other through the appropriate access in the structure. This connection creates a new, odorless organic compound with no effect or meaning.
  4. After both connect, they neutralize each other.
  5. The original fragrance molecule from our reimador ® and reimarom ® product remains untouched and, together with the other fragrance molecules, can wonderfully unfold in the room.

Which odors can be removed with our odor absorber?

All smell-causing stink molecules, i.e. amino nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide molecules , such as those found in sweat, urine, nicotine , spoiled fish, rotten eggs, etc., and all mercapto-sulphur compounds found in the smell of garlic, onions, faeces, digester gases and compost gases are removed and absorbed. All unpleasant, musty and musty odors such as lactic acid, vomit, faeces and smoke smells no longer stand a chance and are removed from the ambient air and from a wide variety of materials (e.g. carpets, upholstery, curtains, floor coverings, wall panels).

What fragrance products with odor absorbers are available?

The REIMA odor absorber is contained in most of our room fragrances as well as in the air and textile fresheners (except for aromas such as Coffee, Bakery, etc.). This enables us not only to cover up bad smells, but also to permanently remove the so-called stink molecules and only then release the scent molecules.

With these products you can remove unpleasant odors in your home and textiles:


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