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REIMA ® AirConcept GmbH

We are one of the leading specialists for room scenting and scent marketing. Here you will find everything to do with the topic of "fragrance". Are you looking for an odor killer for your car? Or do you want a pleasant scent in your living room? Then you are exactly right here. No matter whether it is a fragrance spray or an automatic fragrance dispenser, whether it is a fragrance spray or essential oil, you will find it with us. Depending on the application, we offer you aroma diffusers, fragrance dispensers, aerosol dispensers, fragrance columns, aroma streamers, as well as high-quality room fragrances, fragrance oils, odor killers, air fresheners, aromas and much more. With over 200 fragrances, we have the right fragrance for every nose and every situation. With our room fragrances you can create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. In our in-house laboratory in Meerane, Saxony, we produce high-quality fragrances and regularly create new compositions.


since 1998 until today - 25 years of fragrance experience

25 REIMA Anniversary

Fragrance is our passion - and has been for 25 years!

What began in a small laboratory under the roof as a one-man company has developed into an international company in 25 years.

Over the years we have continuously developed our products and in recent years we have brought many patents, utility models and designs as well as legally protected brands onto the fragrance market. Our products are sold under the REIMA ® , AS ® , AromaStreamer ® , reimair ® , reimador ® and reimarom ® labels.

We not only ship our high-quality fragrances and devices throughout Germany, but all over the world.

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