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reimair® NewCar car odor killer

Duration of effect of the fragrance contained

The added perfume oil elements of our NewCar ® Auto Odor Destroyer Sprays serve to improve the air quality during use and evaporate after a short period of time. If you like the scent, we recommend spraying the product on the floor mats or textile materials in the car after use so that it lasts longer. For lasting car scenting is ours AromaStreamer® 370 the ideal solution: thanks to the MotionSensor, the fragrance is automatically applied to the entire passenger compartment while driving.

We recommend our NewCar ® car odor remover sprays for the following vehicles

  • Cars that have already taken on odors from previous owners (body odor, perfume, etc.).
  • Cars in which animals (dogs, cats, etc.) were transported.
  • Cars in which people smoked heavily.
  • In so-called baker's or butcher's cars.
  • In workshop and craftsmen's cars.
  • In rental, rental and demonstration vehicles.
  • Cars in which so-called "scented trees", scented pens, scented cockpit sprays or other scented substances were used.

Application of the NewCar ® Auto Odor Killer Sprays

Apply a few sprays of the odor remover spray at a distance of approx. 25 cm into the passenger compartment, i.e. on all textile materials such as upholstery, door panels and especially on the floor mats. Then keep the car locked for a while.

For vehicles with leather interior, please do not spray the odor absorber spray directly onto the leather without first testing it on an inconspicuous area. An exception is the smooth leather, where you can also spray the leather and wipe with a dry cloth without hesitation. But please test it first on an inconspicuous spot in the car.

If the desired odor neutralization effect is not satisfactory the first time you use it, we recommend repeating this process. When used correctly, the spray leaves no marks or stains. After using NewCar smell killer, we recommend our NewCar cockpit and plastic care or the NewCar leather care .


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