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reimador® odor killer - odor remover for living room, kitchen & bathroom

reimador® Odor killer range

Do you sometimes have stubborn odors in the kitchen or bathroom? Refresh your premises with the incredibly powerful reimador ® Smell killers in 7 different varieties:

Nico Clean

Thanks to the special components, we have managed not to cover up stubborn and stubborn odors, but to remove them. No matter which fragrance you prefer, whether fruity, fresh or floral, we have something for every taste. All reimador ® Odor killers are water-based and will quickly spread throughout the room.

FRUIT and GREEN APPLE are the fruity favorites among all odor killers. Pleasant and unobtrusive, they will improve the air in your room.OCEAN and BAMBOO make every room, no matter how unpleasant, shine in new splendor.FLOWER is particularly fragrant thanks to the use of various floral scents. Your olfactory buds will blossom again. NICO-CLEAN is the most powerful odor killer in this reimador ® Series. With this odor killer you can remove particularly stubborn odors.

reimador hand sprayer assortment

Application: If you use the reimador ® When using Odor Killer for the first time, a safety catch on the spray cap will come off. (At the same time, this is a sign for you that the hand sprayer is NEW and the safety lock has not yet been damaged.) Now spray the reimador ® evenly Smell killer in the room until you achieve the desired effect and your room smells pleasantly refreshing again.

Please check the product on inconspicuous areas before you find stains on the beloved upholstered furniture or similar. We cannot guarantee that the products will not leave stains. However, so far we have not been able to detect any contamination caused by the product "reimador ® identify odor killers".


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