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Refreshing mouth-nose masks

Effectively refresh mouth-nose masks

In some professions or activities, wearing mouth and nose masks or protective masks has always been mandatory, even mandatory. It's rare that this happens more or less voluntarily, as the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was said to do.

While pictures from large Chinese cities, where many people wear face masks on the street, were far away, strange and sometimes disturbing for us, they have now become a sad reality here too. Who would have imagined such a scenario just a few years ago?

We know that wearing mouth and nose masks can protect others from infection and offers us a certain amount of self-protection, but wearing them can become a burden. Especially if you have been perceiving the stale, warm exhaled air for hours and if you wear glasses it fogs up again and again.

Essential oils improve mood and well-being

Since our fragrance laboratory was working on the possible uses of essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral effects at the time, our senior perfumer Mr. Reißmann had the idea of ​​combining the aromatic and healing fragrance of essential oils with mouth-nose masks.

Everyone knows that fragrances affect the psyche. If you perceive a pleasant scent, your mood and well-being improves. REIMA ® AirConcept would like to use this knowledge of the "power of scents" to make wearing masks a little easier.

reimarom ® mask spray for a simple and effective refreshment of mouth and nose masks

Depending on your personal condition and situation, you can make your own selection of fragrances. Choose your favorite fragrance from relaxing and balancing or vital and activating blends.

The external environmental odors and your own breath odors are softened. As a positive side effect, you disinfect your mask from the outside, because the spray contains 96% organic alcohol. In addition, the essential oils used have been proven to have antibacterial, antiviral and even antifungal properties.

There are currently two compositions of essential oils to choose from:

reimarom ® mask spray Cold Breath - peppermint, spearmint aroma

The reimarom ® Mask Spray Cold Breath creates an instant and pleasantly cool mint aroma. The delicious spearmint scent is a soothing refreshment for the nose and has a motivating and invigorating effect.

reimarom ® mask spray meditation - orange, tangerine, lemon, juniper, cedar, lemon balm, bergamot

The reimarom ® Mask Spray Meditation is a calming and balancing fragrance. The essential oils used spread a real Tuscany feeling. Fruity citrus fruits, plus juniper berries, bergamot and a hint of lemon balm and cedar wood.

Application reimarom ® mask spray:

The REIMA ® mask spray consists of the best ingredients of the highest quality, is effective and easy to use. The application is very simple! Before wearing it for the first time or to refresh it in between, place your mouth and nose mask on a clean surface and spray one or two sprays on the outside of the mask. Wait about two minutes for the light alcohol mist to dry. Then you can enjoy the soothing scent of the essential oils. You can repeat this procedure as needed. Repeated spraying increases the intensity of the fragrance.

In order to protect the valuable essential oils from light, the reimarom ® Mask spray supplied in a 30ml blue glass bottle. More than 200 sprays are possible with this amount of content.


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