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AromaStreamer® 370: Whisper-quiet car air freshener in top quality

Our professional car fragrance system AromaStreamer® 370 is a "retrofit system" for every car brand and creates a touch of luxury for little money. Developed for all car enthusiasts who want a lasting scent experience, it offers a real alternative to standard solutions such as scent trees or scent plugs. Thanks to an integrated motion sensor, the intelligent car air freshener only releases its scent when the vehicle is moving. If the car is parked again, the car air freshener switches off automatically.
In addition, the desired fragrance intensity can be set individually in three fragrance levels, whereby the fragrance is emitted without precipitation in a micro-fine mist ( level 1: fragrance emission every 300 seconds, level 2: fragrance emission every 180 seconds, level 3: fragrance emission every 90 seconds ). The car fragrance dispenser is designed in such a way that it can be safely placed in the cup holder. A USB charging cable supplied as an accessory provides new power when the integrated battery is empty.

The compact car fragrance device from REIMA® looks like a perfume bottle on the outside and is purism and function in perfection. It impresses with its extremely reduced form language, simple design, first-class workmanship and choice of materials (green-tinted glass and matt silver-grey metal) paired with innovative technology. A pleasant scent experience no longer has to be reserved for the luxury or upper class of Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Bentley, which already offer integrated aroma systems as special equipment. The ecological aspect also played a major role in the development of the car air freshener. By using recyclable glass and metal, without film packaging and plastic, there is no significant waste as with comparable car scenting products.

Professional car fragrances for more energy & motivation

The two car fragrances “ Energy ” and “ Pure Harmony ” were developed in the in-house fragrance laboratory especially for drivers. The focus was not just on creating a pleasant smell, but incorporating the "power of scent" using special essential oil blends. With the motivating fragrance "Energy", fresh Moroccan mint and lemon provide an invigorating freshness kick, it is revitalizing, prevents fatigue and increases alertness in traffic. The target group of the car fragrance are truck, camper, bus and long-distance drivers. The anti-stress fragrance "Pure Harmony", on the other hand, is a harmonious mixture that reduces stress factors and has a balancing effect. Ideal for inner-city traffic and especially intended for bus, train and taxi drivers.

The advantages of our car air fresheners at a glance

Our car fragrances not only ensure that your car always smells pleasant and fresh. The contained odor absorbers also neutralize unpleasant and stubborn odors (e.g. nicotine, food or animal odors). Simply place it in your vehicle's cup holder, switch it on and you're already enjoying a soothing composition of fragrances Made in Germany. Thanks to ultrasonic nebulization, the AromaStreamer 370 works quietly and unnoticed in the background, without streaks or residues on upholstery and surfaces.

Highlights of the AromaStreamer® car air freshener

  • automatic auto scenting with the help of the MotionSensor
  • Whisper-quiet thanks to the ultrasonic nebulizer
  • simple and uncomplicated operation
  • Charging the air freshener via USB port (charging cable included)
  • Noble design
  • interchangeable refill cartridges available

The whole world of car fragrances

Whether new car scent, car scents with a noble note of vanilla or refreshing compositions with essential mint and orange. We are continuously developing our range of fragrances for cars.

NewCar Noble - car fragrance with a new car smell

NewCar Noble ” is one of our all-time classics. The combination of walnut wood and slight nuances of leather also gives older vehicles a smell of new cars. Bergamot and mint in the top note create a feeling of freshness as soon as you step in, musk and sandalwood in the base note ensure a long-lasting ambience.

Classic - a typical all-rounder car fragrance

Our noble perfume essence " Classic " exudes an exclusive charm in connection with a high-quality leather composition. Green tea and oak moss in the base note also gives your vehicle a lively, organic fragrance character for hours. Ideal for luxury vehicles with leather interior.

Vanilla Dreams - car fragrance reimagined with vanilla

Vanilla is undoubtedly one of the most popular car fragrances on the market. At the same time, the strong scent character of vanilla ensures divided opinions: while many people appreciate the sweet character, others find it obtrusive and unpleasant. “ Vanilla Dreams ” aims to please both camps. The combination of sweet vanilla, fruity orange and a sweet, woody note of sandalwood unites the sweet character of vanilla with fruity-woody notes.

Car fragrance energy - essential fragrance oils with an activating fragrance effect

The motivating fragrance “ Energy ” provides an invigorating kick of freshness with fresh, Moroccan mint and essential lemon oil. The scent, which has been tried and tested many times, has a revitalizing effect, prevents fatigue and increases alertness on the road. Ideal for long motorway journeys, commuters and lovers of minty-fresh car fragrances.

Car fragrance Hendrik - modern men's fragrance for him and her

For many years, the car and room fragrance " Hendrik " has been one of our most popular fragrance creations. A fruity, sparkling scent of apple and bergamot, with a cozy wooden facet from olive tree, sandalwood and cedar, is sweetened with a dash of vanilla.

Other popular car fragrances for the AromaStreamer® 370

Flowery-fruity car fragrance summer feeling
An original and elegant flower-fruit composition of citrus fruits and lavender blossoms captivates every nose. An ideal car perfume for the warm season.

Flowery-sweet car fragrance Samoa Sun
A base of precious wood, amber and musk rests on vanilla, a hint of cream and a velvety peach nuance, which combine with a fine note of coconut to form a culinary accord.

Fruity car fragrance Golden Sunrise
A fruity, captivating scent of tangerine and currant, which makes South Sea dreams come true and is pleasantly rounded off by gentle, floral tones of jasmine and orchid as well as woody notes of cedar and sandalwood.

Flowery car fragrance Pure Harmony
The pure harmony, through the relaxing scent of lavender, not only has an antiviral and antibacterial effect, but also relaxes body and mind. Fruity notes round off this harmonious fragrance.

Oriental car fragrance Oudh Omar
Woody and with the necessary strength of the Orient, this fragrance spreads the feeling of 1001 nights. The combination of cedar wood, musk and sandalwood in the base note and sweet notes of vanilla and amber in the heart note are reminiscent of typical winter perfumes for men. An elegant, but also "heavy" car fragrance. Ideal for the cold season.


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